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Rylan Clark

A hero remembered.

Sadly, we had to bid farewell to the camper than Christmas act, Rylan Clark on last night’s X Factor. But as Louis Walsh said before he was evicted “I know you’re going to have a great career ahead of you in television and music”.
Well durr, need we mention Jedward?

Most people say they love Rylan as their guilty pleasure, but what’s there to feel guilty about? He may not be the strongest singer; but he comes out with his bolshy performances and shows off with confidence and panache. What’s not to love? To quoth many an X Factor cliche, we feel this isn’t the end for him, this is only the beginning... *mumbles something about a recording contract*... What better way to ‘remember him by’ than a top 5 moments?


It all starts with his first audition – concerned he didn’t look ‘shiny’ enough, accompanied by his extensions, stating he’s all for Ibiza (who isn’t these days?) and seeing Louis Walsh fear for his life after he admitted he was once in a tribute act in Ibiza for Take That and Westlife.

After being selected for Judge’s Houses, we saw Rylan with a fresh new look. The jet blacked hair, not to mention the outfit – at first look you’d think Nicole had let him spent half the day looking through her wardrobe (you can't see the skirt as above, we had to crop it). In regards to his performance, we saw him sing an acoustic rendition of We Found Love, and then who can forget the famous ‘you’re through’ moment. We don’t think we’ve seen anyone this tearful since Deidre Barlow got convicted of fraud in the famous Coronation Street episode in 1998. Even Nicole didn't know what to do.

Rylan’s first live show performance ending up in the bottom two against Carolynne. The end result caused so much controversy for X Factor with viewers claiming they’d fixed the show, resulting in Louis Walsh making an initial decision which host Dermot could not accept (saying he wanted to keep Carolynne). With Dermot trying to clarify the situation, he then changed his mind and wanted to send it to deadlock, resulting in Carolynne being evicted and Gary Barlow storming off stage. THANK GOD FOR THAT.

The following week saw what we knew Rylan could do, bring the entertainment factor to a whole new level – even having a little dig at judge Gary by starting his performance by singing the Take That classic Back for Good, before quickly jumping into Groove Is in the Heart and Gangnam Style (or Rylan Style as he put it - That itself being removed from the +1, ITV2 and ITV player showings, because of copyright) and finishing with Pump Up the Jam. The result saw him being sent through to the following weeks show, with immediate boo’s from the audience.

Finally, we salute Rylan for our favourite performance by him (and by many fans of his), the Spice Girls tribute, in the words of Tulisa “It’s like the Olympic Closing Ceremony all over again”, which is what it did feel like. By this point viewers had taken a liking to him, and the tables had turned on somebody else.

Who’s the camp mania going to come from now? We think the only cheesy thing left in the show is either Nicole’s comments ‘No baby no!’, 'LIH-VING' or Christopher’s cruise liner hits :(

Rylan, we miss you already. Thank you for bringing the fun every Saturday night to the X Factor. And if – nay, when – we next see you out at G-A-Y Late (*looks at watch*) then we'll have a whiskey and coke. Cheers.

Words: Daniel Johnston 

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