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The IDolls Live at the Hippodrome

"One night only, one night only, that's all we have to spare..."

It was a sad, sad day when Priscilla Queen of the Desert sashayed - or rather drove - out of London's West End earlier this year. Not that we don't love Singin' in the Rain mind you, but it goes without saying that there will forever be a small drag-queen-shaped hole in the hearts of gays across the city.

With that in mind, it's nice to know that three of the original "Divas" from the show, Emma, Portia and Charlotte, are still working alongside one another as the fiercely talented singing trio The IDolls.

Swathed in sequins and draped around a piano, they were every bit as diva-esque in the cabaret bar of the Hippodrome Casino last weekend as they were when they first lit up the stage of the Palace Theatre all those months ago.

Aside from their voices, which by the way will leave you breathless, we were also rather partial to:

1. The venue. Who knew that behind the swanky Leicester Square casino lurked an intimate little cabaret stage WITH TABLE SERVICE. A dangerous combination.

2. The set list. From Shirley to Aretha to Christina, no diva was left unsung. It was like having our iPod on shuffle.

3. The special guests. Including Rock of Ages' resident cutie Oliver Tompsett, We Will Rock You's Rachael Wooding and the original West End diva herself, Ms Sharon D. Clarke, belting out a rather fine rendition of And I'm Telling You. *Cue gay hysteria*

Oh and a few of the ex-Priscilla drag queens stopped by for a quick lip sync halfway through the second act, which was really just the icing on an already fabulous cake.

So keep your eye on these girls and see them if you get the chance. They won't disappoint.


The IDolls - The List Agency from The List Agency on Vimeo.

Words: Stu Hurford

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