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The Coming Storm

Forced Entertainment's latest show descends on Battersea Arts Centre

The following trailer will give you some idea of the manic nature of the show, but does a good job of making it seem overly sombre.

In reality, The Coming Storm was one of their funniest shows, and at times felt like a troupe of battling stand up comedians. Though very quickly they switch to angry language teachers or sad victims of abuse.

It's by far the most rehearsed feeling of their shows that we've seen - they're at their best when Forced Entertainment are on the brink of falling apart, struggling to get the words out and failing to fill awkward silences - as this time they have all the words on the tip of their tongues, and each section smoothly segue-ways into another.

This may be down to the music that threaded the show together - ramshackle, badly drummed, repetitive music, but coherent nonetheless.

If you're new to Forced Entertainment's work, it's an ideal and very amusing introduction to what they do. If you're a long time fan, you might leave yearning for something a bit more disappointing or excruciating, if your idea of entertainment takes childish delight in the I-can't-believe-people-have-paid-to-see-this school of thought.


Photo: Hugo Glendinning

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