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Santa's little belter

There's a new diva on the block for Christmas

You probably haven’t heard of Elouise yet (I admit that I hadn’t), but you most likely will in the future. She’s funny, talented, warm and friendly – whilst also being a stunning vocalist and a truly accomplished show-woman. Her seasonal offering, Santa’s Little Belter (produced by Steve Anderson who has worked with Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Take That and West Life), comes to Madam Jo Jo’s on Brewer Street on 12th and 19th December and is packed with brilliantly witty anecdotes that set up some wonderfully catchy numbers and more than the odd shimmy.

Starting with quite a haunting version of Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love’, Elouise rattles through a succession of torch songs and pumping disco tracks that show off her powerful voice and amazing ability to perform. Supported by Scott (from Essex, ‘Shut Uuuuuup’) on keyboard, along with Bonita Delaney and Alex Taylor Robertson on support vocals – this is so much more than a one-woman show.

Elouise gets toes tapping with a great disco version of ‘Could It Be Magic’, followed by a diva-esque performance of ‘Live and Let Die’ while leading into each new song by engaging the audience with her charming banter; ‘The great thing about classic Torch Songs is they can express whatever you’re feeling – ‘I love you’, ‘I’m leaving you’ or ‘I’m not going near you again until that rash clears up’.

The second half of her show kicks off with Elouise in yet another stunning outfit – a red and gold flamenco styled ball gown – as she bursts into the room to perform a brilliant version of ‘Get The Party Started’ (the Shirley Bassey version) that very cleverly incorporates some lyrics from Madonna’s ‘Vogue’. We then get treated to ‘The Winner Takes It All’, followed by a hilarious story about how she used to be in an ABBA tribute band, but the other girl hated her for singing too loud, until she couldn’t take Elouise anymore and had a full on breakdown on stage one night in Salford, “so that was the end of that”. This is followed by a breath-taking version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, a very clever comedy version of ‘Enough is Enough’ (that starts off as if from a Coronation Street musical) and then the fabulous Sheena Easton song ‘Giving Up, Giving In’ – which got everyone clapping and singing along – accompanied by yet another glitzy costume change.

And then if the songs, stories and the sequinned outfits weren’t enough – Elouise regales her audience with a brilliant story about her ex-boyfriend, Dane. ‘His friends called him The Great Dane, which was quite fitting as it turned out that he was a right dog and at it all over The Arndale Centre,’ Elouise tells us. ‘He went with Penny from Primark, Sarah from Superdrug, Tiami from TK Maxx... and Kevin from Kwik Fit.’ It’s at this point we are treated to the appearance of Dane on stage – a mountain of muscle in a black vest, who seems to think he can win our Elouise back with his bulging biceps, massive chest and charming smile, but which leads effortlessly into a performance of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ before he gets kicked off stage to a huge round of applause. Fortunately, thanks to another number later on in the show, Dane is back and dressed as a topless fireman – so there is a God.

After an evening with Elouise, you’ll be wanting more and repeating her mantra; ‘I’m doing it my own way – loud, proud and in a fabulous frock’.

‘Santa’s Little Belter’ is at Madam Jo Jo’s, 8 – 10 Brewer Street, London W1 on 12th and 19th December.
Doors: 6.45pm, canapés from 7.45pm, show from 8.15pm.

£15 seated show / £22 seated show and pudding platter / £37 seated show and full meal. Tickets include free entry to Tranny Shack. Dinner and show tickets can be purchased by calling Madame Jojo’s on 020 7734 3040 (Monday – Friday from 11am – 6pm) or by emailing

Words Matthew Christian

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