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Pam Ann, touching down in your living room

Everyone’s favourite trolly-dolly is taking off again…

Pam Ann, the head-in-the-clouds-air-hostess-alter-ego of Aussie comedienne Caroline Reid, releases her long-awaited, second stand-up DVD. Making Christmas even more camp (yes, it is possible) Pam delivers unapologetic, abusive, aviation-themed humour as only she can. Commentary on past, present and future air travel means no airline or nation is safe from her couldn’t-give-a-shit quips.

Here’s a taster…

With sell-out tours in Europe, America, Canada and Australia, and for just under £14 from Amazon, this DVD should fly off the shelves. (Sorry, we can’t help it.) You’ll also be treated to a variety of extras, including a Pam Ann-esque Safety Video, and SkyTips. Better than a mini-bottle of Gordon’s Gin!

Don’t miss it. Pam will land you with a giggle.

Pam Ann! Hosting Pam Ann ‘Non-Stop’ Live from New York City is available from Amazon here.

Words: Jack Pearson

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