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Dance act Stay+ launches Crashed

Manchester's darkest electro secret release new single...

On Friday GT attended the launch of Crashed, the new single from electro act Stay+, at Birthdays club in Dalston.

Stay+'s music is a disconcerting brand of headless dub-rave and cascading synth bars - that combine in a haunting sound dubbed "fictional dance". Played with headphones, you are filled with a sense of empowerment and of being in danger. Played in the club, though, Stay+ never fail to get the crowd jumping, grinning and moving as one body.

Originally a collective called Christian Aids, the band were forced to change their name when the charity Christian Aid took issue with it. So they became Stay+. Two years later Stay+ is a solo project belonging to the former band's central member Matt Farthing.

Farthing has enjoyed a solid fan base for a while now but, thanks to Annie Mac making Crashed her single of the week, Stay+ are now surfacing as a niche dance act with a mainstream following. Crashed is certainly one of the more uplifting sounds in the Stay+ repertoire. Here it is:

We'd also recommend you check out the fan-made videos to their singles Young Luv and the eponymous Stay Positive. The Young Luv video uses footage of the Royal Wedding but twists it into something new, while Stay Positive (the band's first single, released when they were still called Christian Aids) shows teenagers spinning shapelessly on a fairground waltzer. Other good Stay+ tracks worth hunting down are Dandelion, Purity Ring, Guardian and Scum.

Listen to his stuff on Soundcloud and look out for new live shows on the Stay+ Facebook page.

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