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The Irrepressibles launch Nude

Their album is called Nude, to be clear.

The Village Underground, a cavernous East London venue, was packed out last night as The Irrepressibles launched their album Nude. The ten-piece band who mix classical music with electronica wowed the crowd with a hair-raising performance. Four backing vocalists emerged from the audience (standing on chairs) to form an impromptu occultish choir, dancing robotically in a way that was reminiscent of Gurdjieff's Movements.

Keeping command over the ambitious collective was lead-singer Jamie McDermott (pictured) whose voice is impressively powerful live. The band's formation on stage was impressive too. Two topless male drummers marked out corner positions at the back of the stage while the band's keyboard player occupied what would traditionally be the drummer's space on a raised box at the back-middle.

The string section were given the space and prominence of lead guitarists, an opportunity that was taken full advantage of as the violinist used her bow as a rhythmic dance prop. The choreograph of the show was simply marvellous, a particular highlight being when the entire band appeared to play in slow motion, drumsticks slowly crashing down through smoke and lights.

Having received so much attention around their last two music videos, both of which are very homo-erotic, I was keen to see the The Irrepressibles play live. The aforementioned topless drummers gave the live show a homo-erotic sparkle while Jamie's own dance moves were camp in an almost academic sense. It was clear from the amount of magazine eds, journos and London scenesters dotted around the audience that this band are going somewhere.

Fans of the homoerotic music videos will be pleased to learn also that model-slash-musician Theo Stacey (AKA the cute one with curly hair who wrestles naked and kisses men underwater) was one of the backing vocalists performing with the band, standing on his designated chair and sporting a new asymmetrical hairstyle.

The band were cheered in for an encore and then summoned to the stage once more for a farewell, at which point Jamie thanked his team and his fans for their support. Some fans might have been disappointed that Jamie didn't talk or converse more with his audience, but after an intense month of press interviews he was probably keen to just get on with the music and the album itself.

If you like all things Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros and Antony Hegarty then you will definitely be wanting to get your hands on a copy of Nude by The Irrepressibles. Perfect for those emotive winter walks and steamy evenings of firewood-fuelled passion.

Gay Times would like to add though that if you are planning a naked wrestling evening on your living room rug, make sure to remove all wine glasses and valuables from the coffee table first, and make sure to tweet a photo to @gaytimesmag and @irrepressibles.

Words: Jack Cullen

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