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Banca Aperitivo Fantastico

From London to Milan

Immersing deep Milanese culture in the heart of London, Banca introduces the Aperitivo. For anyone else who wants a break from the British crisps-and-nuts-with-a-pint culture, and loves an occasional dip in the highlife, Banca will be launching this concept next week. The idea is that this Mayfair restaurant, that opened earlier this year, provides the intimate, relaxing settings for an evening prelude. As the guests savour on one (or five) of the expertly made cocktails (the Bellini is an imperative), the restaurant serves complimentary delicate, rich-tasting, bite-size nibbles for the guests to graze on as they intermingle at the bar.

Initially, Aperitivo will take place Tuesday to Friday between 5pm and 7.30pm weekly. With inspiration from authentic Italian cuisine, Banca serves salted cod fritters, seared octopus with borlotti beans and paprika (incr-edible), focaccia farcita with chicory, battered calamari with spicy garlic mayonnaise, panzerotti, and an astounding melt-in-the-mouth charcuterie selection with cheese (just some from the tremendous spread).

The setting in itself is remarkable and every element of Banca provides theatre for the guests. The main seating area is situated at ground level, and houses a hot and cold bar, a traditional bread oven, along with of course a cocktail bar that hosts Aperitivo. Downstairs is the private dining area, which if given the opportunity is most certainly worth a peek. As a former bank, inside this area the architects maintained the old safe boxes (where a man hid small presents for his girlfriend before proposing), and integrated a one-sided window, which screens the diligent kitchen staff at work. Banca’s team, that includes a trio of Sommeliers, are likewise vastly accommodating, offering guests expert service, details of the food and drink, and constant refreshment.

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Words: Jack Pearson

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