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Cameron Tewson

From a young London lad to boy-about -town blogger, Cameron Tewson is making waves in the fashion world.

We catch up with the straight-talking guy in the pirate boots, who tells us more about his impressive blog.

Hi Cameron, congrats on the huge Twitter and blog following you’ve got going on! How do you feel?
It’s amazing – I have over 100,000 followers listening to my shit, I must be doing something right! As for the blog, I have on average 11,000 hits a day, which is an amazing but seriously scary amount to be honest – I just can’t believe that so many people are taking the time to read my content.
Well you better believe it…you seem pretty popular in the fashion world. You were invited to the VFNO (Vogue Fashion Night Out), how was that?
It was such a good experience. I’m a young blogger trying to make it in the fashion world and felt totally privileged to be invited to this private event. AND I met the goddess that is Cheryl Cole; she’s even more perfect in the flesh and a truly beautiful woman.
So what exactly is the inspiration behind the blog?
I created my blog back in July after two years of submitting editorial shots on a mood board style I created on Tumblr. The blog is extensive work, with daily write ups on up to date trends, editorials and events I’ve attended. All my blogging I started for fun, really – I didn’t expect it to go anywhere at all! We’ve had London Fashion Week which has been the height of traffic on the website and with excessive Twitter postings and interaction – it’s just gone BANG! The mood board on Tumblr has captured ELLE’s Lorraine Candy, who has said she would ‘love to read my mind’.
Sounds fab! Who are your style inspirations?
I admire designers like Felicity Brown, Markus Lupfer & Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, all because they admire the female form. They design with such creativity and have a silhouette in mind. As a child, my parents dressed me in good quality clothing, so I’ve been lucky – although Mr NatWest isn’t a fan…
What’s your earliest fashion memory?
I remember being collared in a tartan shirt at the age of four and coincidently tartan is very popular now. I had a lucky escape from the 80’s shell suits that my siblings had to endure though, something they can’t admit proudly! Nowadays, you’ll find me leaving my house in a pair of trusty, fashion’s historic pirate boots and Vivienne Westwood’s drop crotch trousers, or tweed and brogues – depends what I’m feeling!
Describe your perfect client, what would your ideal man and woman wear?
My woman would be a strong character, strong in her stride with skyscraper red soles on. My man would be tattooed to the nines wearing something British, like the tweed suit. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Which designers do you fancy?
I've always strangely fancied Alexander McQueen, purely for his mind and his charm he showed. Now all the spotlight is on Christopher Bailey - who could blame him? I also met London designer Todd Lynn, he had such charm about him which I found so attractive.
Any models you fancy on the catwalk?
I won’t be a sheep and say Baptiste Giabiconi; I think he’s pretty average. David Gandy is hot; I’m a sucker for his true English charm. Then there’s every model that Christopher Bailey sends down the runway, they all wet my undergarments just a little...
So, tell us more about your big photo shoot.
Oh, it’s been so amazing in terms of experience; I’ve never directed my own shoot before and I got to lead a great team. The theme involving the female models was very space-age, with the dress being a futuristic design by Felicity Brown – a big inspiration for me. We really wanted to capture that modern-day feel. The dress was set off with amazing make up by celebrity make-up artist Louisa Day, who contoured model Bronte Elsom’s face with a dreamy blue and darkened her eyes with a MAC pallet. In terms of the male models, they’ve been stripped of any designer clothing – quite literally! I wanted to convey a real rawness and connectivity between the guys, with touching and sensuality but still obtaining that softness to the shoot. With this one, there’s not so much of a theme, just my first work for my blog in terms of directing. Plus, they’re hot, why wouldn’t I want them to be photographed?!
On the subject of sensuality – any lucky guys on the scene?
I haven’t found the right one, unfortunately. I seem to be the only guy not wanting to rush into things – men are so bloody confusing!
Describe your perfect collection.
It would be gothic, glamorous, creative, inspiring and elaborative. I want a collection to bite at me, and have me itching to find out what’s next on the runway.
Well, never mind what’s next on the runway, what’s next for you and your beloved blog?
I am going to continue working on my blog and my part time role at TONI&GUY Head office - (which I love) and do more shoots and related articles for OHMYPRADA and other collaboration's in the meantime - watch this space Gays!

Watch that OhMyPrada space

Words: Rachael Heslehurst
Director: Cameron Tewson
Photographer: Ollie Clark
Male Models: Matiulla Ahmadi (Left) and Jamie Neale (Right)

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