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It’s Ke$ha!

It's totes acceptable to mimic cousin Ke$ha’s dutty strut as we cruise down the pathway, earphones plugged in and Die Young on full-volume, and imagining that we too are whirl-winding our way in to apparently uninhabited clubs while smooching as many blokes we can handle.

Flirting 80s triangle-orientated editing with a somehow apocalyptic dessert club town setting thing, Ke$ha bestows upon us a face to the name: we give you the video to Die Young.

Stripping herself of empty booze bottles and gimmicky gold dust, the lady is dressed in seductive leather straps. Waking up in unexplained bathtubs is a thing on the past. Instead our über-cool electropop babe is the head of a leather-gang who apparently rule an abandoned desert town. With her signature unapologetic flaunting of sexuality, Ke$ha’s new vid demonstrates a toned-down, less moist version of what usually cracks off on a dance floor populated by horned-up drunks.

Things are always nicer when you’ve got something to look at, aren’t they? So having been played on repeat at more than one desk at GT headquarters, we hope this track marks Ke$ha’s eventual smash back in to the charts. Having released Die Young as a cheeky little teaser, January 2013 will bring with it Warrior, her second studio album, and if this tune is anything to go by… gentlemen hold on to your cocktail glasses.

Words: Jack Pearson

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