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Underwear That Really Hits Homme

The new Gregg Homme underwear campaign has gone seriously all-out with a homoerotic, Vogue-esque music video

In a surrealist-cum-kaleidoscope of unabridged sex-appeal, we are brought CHARGED, an effortless delivery of temptation. in a homoerotic, Vogue-esque music video. The punchy, euphoric soundtrack initiates an aura only matched in a cruise club, while the colourful flashes of colour remind us we are not in Sin City, but rather watching a very cleverly designed underwear advert. So glitchy and glamorous, the taste of leather almost reaches the tip of the tongue as CHARGED insists that you fixate on young beautiful men making dry sex with the stark white floors. But don't take our word for it, have a look for yourselves:

Coming in all various sizes, shapes, styles, colours, materials, opacity, this Canadian boutique brand are introducing a new collection of fetishistic male-panties to set all your senses reeling. If seeing an anthropomorphised leather snake slide across a ripped abdomen wasn’t enough, the guys down at Gregg Homme are also treating us to free shipping on orders over $75 (or roughly £47).

I think we’ve said enough.

Words: Jack Pearson

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