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Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon release The Chop


We warned you – don’t read on if you don't want the latest episode of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race spoiled…

Still with us? OK, let's do this.

After such a promising start winning the first challenge, Team Latrila have become the latest team forced to sashay away from winning the prestigious title of Queen of All Queens on Ru Pauls All Stars Drag Race.

But never to let a setback like being booted out hold them back, the duo have bounced right back and released their very own inspirational tune, The Chop.

Keeping the competition in perspective, and despite the disappointment of leaving at the end of the third episode, Latrice Royale said; “As far as winning, my prize was the blossoming friendship with Manila.”

Their catchy track draws on both of their personal struggles to “make it” and they are keen to remind fans that even when faced with hard times, drawing on the power to stay on the path to their individual destinies is of the utmost importance.

Manila Luzon said: “It is crushing to fail, especially when you put yourself out there by just trying to be yourself. But it takes a lot of courage to truly be who you want to be, especially in the busted face of adversity.”

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Even if they’ll no longer be competing in the contest, the duo has made history by becoming the first original contestants to record their own duet – despite their conflicting schedules.

The track was written and recorded by Manila in New York, while Latrice recorded her vocals in South Beach, Florida. The vocals were then mixed together by remix producer Jared Jones, known for his work with RuPaul, Taylor Dayne and Solange Knowles, the night before the music video shoot.

He said: “I wanted The Chop to represent the fierceness and sparkle that is Latrila.”

It looks as though team Latrila’s trademark humour and wit is here to stay…

Download the single here and, of course, check out the new GT for all the latest on Drag Race from head judge Michelle Visage!

WORDS: Stephen Davy-Osbourne

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