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GT Geek at Destination Star Trek London

We boldly go where lots of gays have, er, also gone...

Four lights. Five captains. a record breaking number of costumed geeks and one rising star in the fashion world was our weekend at Destination Star Trek in London last month. Quite an exciting first for Europe, all five captains gathered for one big convention. We TREKED down ourselves (sorry) quite excited to unashamedly rub shoulders with the geek elite and goggle at a gathering of the largest, proudest fanbase the world has ever known (outside of Beatlemania. And there were only four of them).

Headlining were William Shatner, Sir Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and (oh boy!) Scott Bakula. All these and more were available for autographs, photographs and gave talks about their time on Star Trek. Our absolute favourite was Kate Mulgrew's who gave a shout out to her gay followers that hit us in the sweet spot:

“I’ll bet a lot of you are geeks. I’ll bet a lot of you are nerds. I’ll be some of you are gay geeks. And wildly liberal. And you’re my kind of people.”

Kate also recounted a previous con at which she was asked to officiate a lesbian wedding, as the brides favourite captain under maritime law. Heart Captain Janeway!

We ended up having a natter with the lovely Joey Bevan of Britain's Next Top Model fame, about his inherent love for Star Trek and how his love of the 60's era original series has informed his own work as a designer. Joey was there in an official capacity, as a judge of an intergalactic fashion montage for the costume parade deciding who set phasers to stunning and whose look could kill. Follow him on Twitter he’s stylish, hilarious and fun.

There were men in skirts, women with beards, boys and girls wearing little more than green paint and rags, and an open feeling of community even among the Borg. Talk about fun for the family! Whilst waiting in line for a photo op on the Klingon skull throne we overheard an exchange between a father and son that went something like "don't ever touch a Starfleet officer's weapon dad!" he was 30 if he was a day ... and looked glorious in his original series gold command shirt. Other treats available to super fans were an interactive museum which had been painstakingly set up to show sets, actual props, and on screen costumes, as well make-up and stunt demonstrations and Klingon Pasties.

Whatever you've heard about conventions, you've got to experience one in your lifetime. With so much love - and so many costumes - in one room, how on Earth (or any other planet) can that be a bad thing...

WORDS: Tim Mitchell

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