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Who's the daddy?

With a story like no other, we bring you Starbuck - a touching tale of one man’s reunion with his kids.

142 of them. 142 of 533 that he is assumed to have fathered in fact.
Not revealing too much, the comedy is a journey of growth through the eyes of infantile 42-year-old David Wozniak, a meat delivery driver for his father’s butcher business. After the news of his pregnant girlfriend, Wozniak is confronted with some other information, transporting him to his early 20s where in need of cash he became a popular donor at the local sperm bank under the egocentric nickname Starbuck. But he is not a pervert, as you will discover. Now, faced with debts, he is forced to make a decision between his current irresponsible lifestyle, or to embrace his newfound fatherhood. 
Presented through subtitles, this wonderfully poignant French-Canadian comedy visits a variety of issues in an uplifting and memorable approach, with of course a little homo-activity thrown in just for fun. 
The UK release date is November 23, although viewing locations are yet to be announced. Nonetheless get it down on your IMDB watchlist!
And just to get you on board, here’s the trailer…

Words: Jack Pearson

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