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At GT we love a gay artist with an edge and Dale Grimshaw works on that edge between street art and gallery, flipping between the two and often crashing them both together.

We last visited him for our GT400 issue where he talked about his previous life as a hardcore punk rocker and when he painted an entire McDonald's window pink. Time and a shift into gallery spaces may have refined his painting technique but it hasn't blunted his angry edge. And, at the moment, Dale is annoyed by the hideous excess in a society where the have-nots seem to be funding the have-but-want-even-mores.

His reaction to this is his new show Moreish which opens at the Signal Gallery in Shoreditch tomorrow. Too much of a good thing becomes disgusting and nothing expresses that better visually than paintings of food piled upon food. Especially when it's then piled over the head of a person who seems to be enjoying the sensation while also being destroyed by it. It makes for disturbing but compelling comment on the hunger for excess. It also makes us hunger for more from Dale Grimshaw. We like him when he's angry. GT

Moreish by Dale Grimshaw is showing at the Signal Gallery, 2nd-24th November,
For more information see Watch a video of Dale at work here.

Words Mark King
Images Courtesy of the Signal Gallery

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