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More Dolly!

If 9 to 5 The Musical isn't enough for you, take her to your little screen at home

Dolly Parton hit the big screen earlier this year with her first leading role in two decades alongside Queen Latifa in Joyful Noise. Fuelled with bitchiness, catfights and inevitable campness, Parton (G. G. Sparrow) and Latifa’s (Vi Rose Hill) on-screen chemistry makes for great trashy fun, and reminds us why we love the blonde bombshell.

Set in a small-town environment in Georgia, Joyful Noise graces us with two stubborn matriarchs who wish to drag the public out of a depression through the church choir. With two feisty leads, it really is quite something. We're also treated to performances from the handsome young Jeremy Jordan and Paul Woolford who contend for Vi Rose’s daughter Olivia. Yum.

As a bonus, we have this exclusive featurette which has the divine diva talking about her role, why the movie is so fantastic, and accompanied with a few inexorable cuts of her launching milk over her co-star.

And you've only got to wait until 5 November *check diary* next Monday! For it to be out on DVD.

Words: Jack Pearson

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