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Arrangements: A solo exhibition by artist Bruce Ingram

The art of recycling, literally.

London based sculpture artist Bruce Ingram is bringing the best of his work to Vitrine Bermondsey Street, where lovers of all things artsy can get up close and personal with his weird and wonderful creations in his exhibition Arrangements.

We say weird and wonderful because quite frankly, the whole concept is. Ingram is quite literally stumbling across his sources in the street, recycling materials he finds floating around in the gutter to piece together his magnificent sculptures – talk about starting from scratch. His studio is based in Hackney Wick, an industrial area in East London (he can see the Olympic site from his window). Quite apt for this quirky artist, really, where else are you going to see a stray chunk of cardboard floating past your window from the nearby factories? The guy’s got it all on his doorstep, including his Brazilian-born boyfriend fashion designer Lucas Nascimento, who also works at the same studio – some men just have it all...

Ingram’s exhibition surrounds three bodies of work which inhabit the space between sculpture and collage, presenting familiar objects in a foreign, new arrangement. Hence the name. The artist has recently been interested in the display of exotic fruit in his local grocery shop, so you may well come across a sculpture of a dragon fruit accidently-on-purpose drenched in paint, which is kinda the whole point – he is hugely interested in the chance encounters and accidental moments within the process of making.

Speaking of all things exotic, Ingram, who graduated from the Royal College of Art London in 2008, is curious of Japanese Ikebana i.e. Japanese flower arrangement, which may prove to be a great influence in his artwork.
The sculptor says he started to bring boards into his studio to gather the leftover and waste of materials, such as plaster and paint and uses intentional marking through the flash of his fingertips (who knows what magic he musters up with those) to produce his creations. The collage boards are placed on both floor and walls and repositioned until Ingram gathers a pleasing effect – with all this paint squirting and uncontrollable spillages, we get the feeling things get pretty wild in this studio...

Arrangements runs from Saturday 27 October until Sunday 25 November 2012, with a preview event Friday 26 October 2012, 6-8pm, if you’re really keen to see this artist’s quirky concept. 

Words: Rachael Heslehurst  
Image: 'Arc' 2012 by Bruce Ingram
Photographer: Stefan Zander

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