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The Irrepressibles

This isn’t just a band. This is an ‘organic orchestral landscape’.

The Irrepressibles have made a name for themselves by providing a refreshing antidote to pop tedium with their unusual twist on modern classical music. The eight piece baroque-pop ensemble are hitting East London for a one-off performance to launch their latest album Nude.

Not content with merely providing a song-by-song playback, pack leader Jamie McDermott and the rest of the Irrepressible bunch are hoping to take showmanship a level higher. They’re calling it “a collision of their two new worlds of performance”, which is a basically a snazzy way of saying that they’re shoehorning new film accompaniments and looping orchestral epics onto the bill alongside their club show Electro Nude in order to create some kind of mind-blowingly complex musical extravaganza. Almost like a 2-4-1 gig deal. How kind.

Don’t be fooled into believing they’re the musical equivalent of Iceland canapés, though. The Irrepressibles have a unique musical pedigree that stretches back to their humble beginnings in 2002. Their first album Mirror Mirror gained many much-deserved kudos and their sexually charged video for In This Shirt swept across the Internet faster than rumours of La Lohan’s latest DUI conviction. Theatrical avante garde styling perfectly complements the bizarre genre niche McDermott – the chief composer/inexplicably beguiling frontman – has carved out for the ensemble. The Irrepressibles aren’t just a band. They’re an amalgamation of fashion, art and the wildest of homoerotic feather boa daydreams held together with the essential glue of superior musicianship.

This one-night exclusive at the Village Underground is still shrouded in a fair bit of ambiguity. After all, with a collective as experimental as these guys and a singer who has been known to caress himself onstage whilst sidling like a fey Elvis who knows what will happen? Support from the elegantly unconventional Ebe Oke also pretty much guarantees that this will be one of the most interesting shows you’re likely to see next month.

The Irrepressibles London Launch Show at the Village Underground.
November 8

Words: Betti Hunter

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