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Nice Car! (Shame About Your Penis)

Pandora Boxx releases her fab new single featuring Shango…

“Studies show that the price of one’s car is inversely proportional to the size of one’s dick.”

Ever been in that awkward situation where your latest lay looks like David Beckham in those H&M ads – when all he’s really packing is a banana? No, us neither, but at least there’s a solution in this fierce new girl group headed by queen of mean Pandora Boxx.

The former Ru Paul’s Allstar Drag Race contestant has been producing her own comedy-electro-pop since she realised nobody else was really making her cackle. Her razor-sharp witticisms have earned her a cult following of “Fandoras”, who wait with baited breath for the next dose of bitchy misanthropy. And Ms Boxx doesn’t operate alone – her girly super group are hell-bent on ridding the world of guys who try to justify their lack of girth with a bad attitude and hot wheels. To their credit, Pandora and the gals tackle this important issue with style, wigs and scowls – not mention a penis gun. A penis gun!

Micro welebrity (that’s a web celebrity, folks) Shango provides the scathing chorus and warns us of the perils of men with designer jewellery. The video also makes for a great game of ‘spot the Youtube-star cameo’. Because, let’s face it, sometimes you really are that bored. (We won’t give too much away, but hot-shot lady reporter Damiana Lewis manages to get a look-in – huzzah!). Mostly, though, we just love the couture. Pandora’s dress collection is beginning to rival the Haus of Gaga in terms of crackpot innovation, and that’s no mean feat. We like.

Nice Car! (Shame About Your Penis) is available on iTunes.

Words: Betti Hunter

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