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Kazaky – Last Night

The hot boys in heels divide opinions over arty new video

Madonna’s favourite Ukranian dance brigade launched their latest, suitably raunchy single Last Night yesterday. Directed by Yevgeniy Timohkin and styled as usual by the formidable Anna Osmekhina, Kazaky are looking more polished than ever.

An eerie gothic voice-over kicks in over a doom-laden composure as swirling Rorschach-esque patterns fill the screen. It’s kind of hard to see what purpose this smoky darkness may be serving until OH WAIT, it becomes clear that the patterns are being generated by the Kazaky boys throwing shapes and pale sand around in ultra slow-mo. Clever. The rest of the video carries on in the same avante garde vein, as male and female bodies writhe and contort in a dingy post-apocalyptic bunker whilst the guys smoulder at the camera in their Mad Max get-up.

The video has had mixed reactions from Kazaky’s league of adoring fans. The die-hards are declaring it to be a work of artistic genius, but the overwhelming consensus is that for a dance troupe there is an alarming lack of choreography. The unusual focus on heterosexual relations and absence of the signature high heels is also causing ruptures, while a couple of cattier voices are piping up commanding the vampy femmes in the video to keep their damn hands off the men. Meow.

Have Kazaky gone too far down the boy band route or are they doing just fine? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

Words: Betti Hunter

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