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Win LOL on DVD

Miley Cyrus – for it is she – takes the lead in this high-school drama, and we have five copies to give away

Cyrus, despite sporting a frighteningly large set of teeth, is very likeable as Lola A.K.A. Lol. See what they did there? Clever, no? As she approaches adulthood Lol is awkwardly navigating the transition of her relationship with Kyle (Douglas Booth, Worried About The Boy) from friendship to romance whilst also pushing frustratedly at her mother’s restrictive boundaries. At the same time her newly single mother is trying to spread her wings romantically - which only adds to the tension between them. Demi Moore and a criminally underused Gina Gershon give good support as ‘Mom’ and ‘Mom’s friend’.

It’s all very charming and refreshingly understated for a Hollywood teen comedy. Come to think of it that's more than likely because it’s a remake of a French film. We liked LOL quite a lot and possibly even shed a tear or two. What can we say? Difficult but loving mother/daughter relationships always get us that way.

LOL is out to own on DVD on 15th October.

BUT we liked it so much that we managed to get hold of 5 copies to give away. Send an email titled 'LOL' to – remembering to include your street address – and we'll send copies to the first five that we select randomly from a hat-type-thing on Monday morning.

Here's the trailer:

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