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The Vessel

A new web comedy looks at gay parenting and fag-hag surrogacy

If you watched interactive web series Dirty Work, which recently won an Emmy Award, you’ll know that shows like this have come a long way in the past few years. Online series also allow for more risks to be taken, like giving lead roles to those of us who lack representation in traditional media. (Dirty Work, for example, starred transgender woman Jaimie Clayton.) So it is with The Vessel, a new British comedy about a gay couple who ask their BFF to have their baby.

The story is told through the eyes of “tummy mummy” Kim (Lily Brown) – Peep Show style, so we never see her face. We do, however, get a glimpse of her bump. Lucky Kim has two gay best friends, devoted couple Rory (Giovanni Bienne) and Mike (Phillip Whiteman). Somehow or another, the lads get Kimmy up the duff (we’re not entirely sure how these things work – birds and the bees or something) and hilarity ensues.

The 10-part series won first prize at the Raindance Film Festival last year and features a cast from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, The Queen. The best part though is that you can watch it in bed with your laptop on your knee, a bottle of Cinzano in hand and fag hag cuddled up beside you. Just don’t go getting her pregnant.

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The Vessel premiers October 21st at 8 pm.

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