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The Art of Clubbing

As a reaction to the elitist neon and chrome nightclubs of the seventies, the eighties countered with a boom in raw, underground club culture. This energetic scene created its own stars whose DIY art aesthetic pushed street style into previously unexplored regions of experimentation. One of these stars was Trojan.

Alongside Leigh Bowery, Trojan was a pioneer of alternative fashion, trash art and performance. Smashing them all together to fuel revolutionary club nights like Taboo. All this during a particularly inhospitable political environment for alternate sexuality.

Unfortunately, like most complex creativity, Trojan – born Gary Barnes – died early, overdosing on drugs at the age of 20. It's sad to lose those so creative so young and wonder what else they would have contributed.

Thankfully, the ICA (with the help of Trojan's friend John Maybury) have collected together photographs, designs and artworks to celebrate Trojan's creative energy when it was at its strongest. And, for an unmissable video of him getting ready for a night out, click here.

Trojan: Works on Paper, until 18 November. For more information see

Words Mark King
Photographs Stephen White

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