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Molly Ringwald is in London next week

Chatting about her new book When It Happens To You

Molly Ringwald is famous for many iconic film and tv roles - The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, RuPaul's Drag U - but we're still reeling from her cult appearance in Cindy Sherman's Office Killer, which had a brief East London-centric gay hipster revival this year.

And she's coming to our capital NEXT WEEK for a blather about her literary debut, which is (and we're quoting the blurb here) 'an unflinching yet poignant examination of the intricacies of the human heart'. Though we're pretty confident that RuPaul chat could work its way in there somewhere.

If you want to share the same room and breathing space as Molly, here's all the information you need:

Molly will be ‘in conversation’ about her novel When It Happens To You (Simon & Schuster £10)
Tuesday 9th October at 7pm
Waterstones 203/206 Piccadilly, London W1
call 0207 851 2419 for tickets & further details.


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