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Drag Den: Who is John Sizzle?

It’s been a busy year for the performer, DJ and bearded bombshell drag star.

When he’s not throwing fistfuls of felt tips at people with Jonny Woo or falling out of boat parties on the London Embankment the Sizz has been DJ’ing in hot gay haunts, stomping in strappy heels around festival stages, hosting boutique hotel orgies and racking up glowing reviews in the Guardian with his sell-out ensemble show THE LIPSINKERS. Jack had a chat with John about his rising fame, in-between snatched swigs of Prosecco of course:

Congratulations on your show THE LIPSINKERS receiving such critical acclaim, we saw it in June and thought it was brilliant. What are your highlights from the extravaganza thus far?

It is an extravaganza, isn't it! We have a lot of fun making certain numbers as BIG as possible. My highlights are definitely the show-stoppers like Madonna's Like A Prayer. Where else can you see five twisted versions of Madonna battle it out for the spotlight over four minutes! Oh - and I like it when one of us gets crucified at the end!

You always have a bottle in your hand Miss Sizz. Is it just part of your act or do you like to drink on the job?

I like Prosecco. I need Prosecco. Who's judging? 

Tell Gay Times about your early years. Did you go to university?

I didn't go to uni, no. I was a suited corporate boy by the time I was 21 though. And by the time I was 30 I was a skirted tranny bloke. Go figure. Things go in cycles. Soon I'll have jumped species and will live in a tree.

Whereabouts did you grow up? Do you have a childhood sweetheart you’d like us to give a message to?

“Childhood sweetheart”! I'm not bloody Katy Perry! Is this Just 17 magazine or something? I was raised in London and Londoner's don't have childhood sweethearts babe... we have shags.

You’re a permanent fixture of Horsemeat Disco and the Voho-set,  and you're a favourite jewel in Jonny Woo’s crown. How did the relationship with Woo, Ma Butcher and the others kick off?

Ah, the unholy Gay Bingo trinity! An alliance made in spandex! You know what, I can't really remember how I first met Ma Butcher. I met Jonny in Central Station [Kings Cross] yonks ago and was invited To DJ for him at the George and Dragon which was the centre of EVERYTHING alternative back then. Ma was always sloshing about.... I guess things came together through those messy nights..... eight long years ago.... Christ!

Do you have a drag rival? An arch-nemesis? Some have likened you to Polly Sexual before. Have you two ever shared a stage together?

I had to look Polly up.....Hi Sexual! She looks barmy. Not in the least bit sophisticated....Hah! Polly’s definitely copying me and while I'm all for people expressing themselves I think that’s just REDUCTIVE! I'm gonna make her my nemesis. Polly, if you're reading this I'm gonna fuck you up girl! Joking obviously. Polly, let's fuck.

Where you go to get your gorgeous blonde hair? Is it a pricey shopping trip?

Fuck off.

Does a lot of accessories sharing go on between the girls or are you all precious about your own things?

Have a guess.

What are you like off duty? We imagine you chilling at a table outside a Chelsea cafe with sunglasses, black coffee and a croissant.

I AM NOT KATY PERRY. You're more likely to find me with my wig still on hanging with Ma Butcher and Jonny Woo outside a Weatherspoons on Monday morning downing pints of Sambucca. 

What's your next project?

Well THE LIPSINKERS are working on new material for their monthly gig at the RVT and we’re also planning the infamous Christmas Extravaganza to be announced soon. Gay Bingo is about to start again for its winter term at The Soho Theatre on October 14th and I'm starting a new club night at Vogue Fabrics soon called Sozzle(d).

Also - I’m going to be the face of Prosecco in Azerbijan.

That’s a Gay Times exclusive!

So that was the Sizzle. See him in the flesh on October 14th at Soho Theatre with the unholy Gay Bingo trinity, and tuck in to some new material from THE LIPSINKERS at Royal Vauxhall Tavern on October 19th. Finally, look out for his forthcoming night Sozzle(d) at Vogue Fabrics.

Photo: Malc Stone

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