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Pelham and Strutt – It’s what’s underneath that counts!

Missed the gym again this week?

It happens to the best of us. You miss the gym for a week or two… enjoy a few more treats than normal… and you soon seem to notice how your shirt is feeling a little snugger than normal. For the few unfortunate souls who haven’t discovered the latest innovation in underwear yet, this might be an issue. But don’t worry, we have a secret to share, and believe us, you’re going to like this! It sculpts, slims and gives almost perfect posture… Pelham and Strutt compression wear.

Pelham and Strutt is designed in Britain with the expertise of a leading Physio Therapy council member, who was instrumental in achieving the posture enhancing look and spinal alignment benefits from the intelligent underwear range.

Each garment gives instant visible results to your body shape, sculpting and slimming, combined with a unique approach to posture enhancement. Not only does it take inches of the waistline and sculpt your torso, but it actively improves your posture, bracing your shoulders back, ensuring you stand proud and walk tall.

A revolution in compression-wear, Pelham and Strutt blend luxuriously soft fabrics with targeted zonal mapping, providing beautiful garments with ultimate support, so you never have to make a compromise between fashion and function again.

Pelham and Strutt utilize a revolutionary technology known as “Corepression”, delivering zonal muscle compression with spinal and posture support, designed specifically to provide the highest level of support possible. The structural mapping embedded in each product is targeted and precise, activating core muscles to relieve pressure on the back, and provide support around the chest area. These elements combined target problem areas like poor posture and improve spinal alignment, alleviating symptoms of back and shoulder pain and reduce injuries caused by repetitive straining or strenuous activities.

Each garment is seamless technology at its finest, comfortable enough to wear all day, every day. Whether it’s to enhance your confidence in everyday life or for a special occasion, Pelham and Strutt will not let you down, keeping you cool, calm and collected and looking at your absolute best from dawn till dusk.

Available from Prowler

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