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Farewell to Shinky Shonky

Soho nightclub KU Bar axes its iconic Wednesday night Shinky Shonky as part of the "Soho Shift"

KU Bar on Lisle Street (in London's fashionable Soho district) was packed last night as a rumour spread around town that Shinky Shonky would be coming to an end. Gay nightlife deity Boogaloo Stu, curator of Shinky Shonky, confirmed suspicions following a round of his trademark art-house party games (this time it was Spitroast Musical Statues) and confirmed that Wednesday 26th September will be the last Shinky Shonky party ever.

The axe is part of a wider strategy as KU Bar's owner Gary Henshaw focuses on honing his venue into a more mainstream gay destination. Other cabaret acts and flyer thrills are expected to be flushed out as part of the reshuffle. Bar staff announced that the venue may soon re-brand itself.

Boogaloo Stu will be taking his Wednesday night party to a new venue, and fingers crossed Londoners will still be able to enjoy his unique gifts. In the meantime Boog will continue to host his sell-out parties in hometown Brighton where he resides and rules with popular Sussex gay nights "Pop Kraft", "Dynamite Boogaloo", "Splosh-A-Rama" and his innovative interactive YouTube project "Pop Magic".

Shinky Shonky has been a cultural highlight of London's gay scene for years bringing innumerable gays out of the woodwork on a Wednesday night. Thousands on the gay scene are proud owners of racy badges from Boogaloo Stu's Badgeteria, including classics such as "Your Nob - My Gob", "Please Do Not Attempt To Mount Me" and "Grade A Vagina". Boogaloo Stu is also noted for his select repertoire of explicit karoake numbers, his god-sent catchphrases such as "Are your teeth from Homebase?" and of course his gay adult party games like Penny Up The Crack, Shit Lips and Kit Kat Chunky Blow Job Extravaganza.

This shift in Soho's nightscape comes at a critical time when Vauxhall is snowballing in popularity with a younger generation and Soho seems to tightening its unique selling point of mindless distopic dance routines set against addictive never-ending video screens.

Next Wednesday promises to be a mega fun party at KU Bar as we give Boogaloo Stu a warm send-off and anticipation begins as to where he will appear next. KU Bar will still remain open until late on a Wednesday but in a different guise.

The London gay scene is truly jealous of Brighton who have Boogaloo Stu all to themselves more than once a week. The platform-heeled scenester studied fashion alongside Alexander McQueen, has dressed Mariah Carey in New York and was once an accidental chart-topper in Japan. We would say we'll miss him but we're sure he'll be snatched up by another London bar imminently.

To keep abreast of Boogaloo Stu's forthcoming adventures you can like his Facebook page here.

Words: Jack Cullen

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