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Lady Gaga’s new perfume ad terrifies and turns on

Artist teams with Steven Klein for a bizarre commercial collaboration

Now, we all love a bit of Gaga and it’s impossible to escape her perfume, Fame, at the moment. But now she’s released a short film, created by Steven Klein, to advertise the fragrance.

And it’s frankly bizarre.

Honestly, we don’t know whether to be screaming with terror or screaming ‘Yes, take all of my monies!’ Dark and twisted, someone at American Horror Story should call Gaga and Klein and get them involved (maybe with some Void Of Course styling too). Seriously, Ryan Murphy, you’re dark twisted sex dreams are leaking all over our Gaga here.

Practically nude men in jock straps, kinky sexual Gaga craziness and nightmarish imagery of subversion, drowning and death? Yes, give us this perfume immediately!

Words: Joe Glass

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