5 things not to get hung up about in online dating

The latest installment of relationship advice from GT Date.

Whole volumes have been written about how to sniff out the perfect partner from all kinds of online signals so that you don’t end up “wasting your time”, but here’s a radical idea – if you’re serious about finding someone, then there’s no such thing as wasting your time.

Here are a few things most of us use to weed out unsuitable partners that you should take with a grain of salt. If you really want to find someone, use the Internet as means of finding people you may want to go on first dates with and save final judgement for the date.

The profile

The profile is the so-called online dating CV, but some guys won’t necessarily gel with writing about themselves.

Obviously, if there’s anything in the profile that makes it clear this person is radically different from you, then don’t force it, but if the profile is lacking in hooks and flourishes, don’t immediately assume the man is hopeless. Don’t read too much into it and try to rely on your gut feeling, rather than your head.

If in doubt – give it a go anyway. You have nothing to lose but a date.

The picture

A photo captures just one aspect of the person. Even a whole load of photos are not likely capture the way your potential partner is going to appear to you in person. We all know that, but it’s too easy to fall into being overly judgemental with people’s photos online.

It really does pay to give people the benefit of the doubt, as well as the benefit of a first date, if it looks like you may have something in common.

The first message

Some people get really hung up over the first message. Both when writing and receiving it. Don’t.

All it is is the first contact – your way of telling the other person you exist. Even if it sounds a bit trite and even lame, there could still be someone more exciting hiding behind it.

The text message

It’s short, it’s practical and we all use it to communicate all the time, but you can also read too much into it, especially at the beginning of a potential relationship. Don’t overwork your brain by trying to work out what hidden meanings lie behind it. Save that judging action for your date.

The phone call

Some guys are just not big talkers. Especially now that texting has replaced most courtesy calls so phone calls are suddenly a Big Deal. Some people also don’t translate that well across phone lines but are a lot better in person.

Keep that in mind and don’t be overly judgemental here either.

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