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BAKE, brainchild of sexy ginge Simon Crawford launches

Now there are plenty of fantastic photography magazines out there with beautiful imagery, beautiful models and stunning fashion, but when a new one comes around from a fresh creative mind, we sit up and take notice.

BAKE is the new e-zine by photographer Simon Crawford, featuring a dazzling array of fantastic models, photographers, stunning men and sexy nudity. All in the name of art and invention of course. The only rule being that the images must contain a face.

And a lot of the shoots were also made and feature the creator, Crawford himself. As Simon tells us,

“BAKE began life as a self promotional online CV idea. After a few friends became interested in putting work into it I began transforming the CV into an online zine.

Once I realised it was becoming more than a small portfolio for me and a few friends I decided to start asking for contributors through tumblr, twitter and facebook. It soon grew from about 20 pages of just images, to over 100 pages with interviews and ads.”

Since the e-zines release on Thursday, it has received a large amount of positive feedback and praise, and Simon is finding himself flooded with requests from new contributors.

BAKE is available on Issue 2 is due early November and if you’re interested in submitting you can email at for details.

Words: Joe Glass

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