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Flour Power

Canadian pop singer Jain Wells releases her new single The Colours of my Heart today.

While the song itself may be easy on the ears it’s the video we found to be the real treat as the majority of the video displays a sexy young lad prancing around in his underpants chucking around a bag of self-raising flour (...not the only thing that’s self-raising).

It's completely absurd but you can’t help but fall victim to that hypnotic spell of a well-chiselled six-pack being splashed with an array of baking products.

Is he baking up a batch of treats or simply trying to do his best Louis Smith impression? Who knows? It still manages to provide an almost haunting backdrop to the gloomy lyrics of miss Wells.

Keep an eye out for the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it money shot at 1.00.

On iTunes now.

Words: Luke Hearfield

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