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Warsaw holds its cool breath

Marina Luczenko releases her fourth single Saturday Night

But sadly there's no holiday camp dance routine just yet...

Back in June we introduced you to the Polish popstar MaRina as part of a Polish pop push. Remember?
Anyway, MaRina's team discovered our blog post and with refreshed faith in themselves have kitted the Polish damstrel out with a sexy new single called "Saturday Night". To our dismay the song isn't a cover version of Whigfield's magnus opus, but we're holding out for the B-Side. Like all of MaRina's songs Saturday Night delivers a sickly sweet bassline, questionable synthesisers and nice hefty plagiarisation of Ke$ha, winning MaRina not only a capital R in her name but also the nickname Polish Centipede. We're totally down with MaRina though, and since Ke$ha seems to have given up altogether, we may as well hand MaRina the keys to Ke$ha's K-Hole (includes several canons of glitter, bottles of Namibian fake tan, some pants belongnig to Alex Carapetis and a baby's steriliser filled with a selection of belly button piercings).
The concept for MaRina's new video isn't too difficult to grasp: A group of cute young people in Poland decide to get wasted in an underpass and push each other around in stolen shopping trolleys while throwing up hopefully-ironic digital effects and showing off neat block colour vests. It's like a Pacha / Matalan collaboration sponsored by an own-brand vodka label.
As ever MaRina really delivers on the "Does that make total sense?" lyrics. In general her English is improving, no doubt in preparation for her pending anglo invasion. Our favourite lines from Saturday Night include:
"I left my phone - It has the weekend"
"Because everybody looks hot top!"
"We're looking at the stars driving Jaguars"
And sang with unwavering almost militant sincerity:
"It's like I'm ready for you to taste me. Make me laugh"
MaRina goes pretty hardcore in the product placement stakes on Saturday Night. She smokes Asian packets of Marlboro fags throughout while dancing with handsome Asian men. MaRina's friends swing bottles of Polish liquor, leaving the brand names visible at all times. One model dons an "SPMK" cap too, a brand we've not heard of. We Googled SPMK but all that showed was a value business hosting solutions company based in Kingston Upon Thames and we doubt Polish pop videos are at the forefront of their advertorial strategy. Let's not rule it completely out though, MaRina is an unpredictable siren.
Finally, MaRina sports a new tattoo across the back of her left shoulder boasting the English language mantra "I Work Because I Love This Shit" - possibly her take on a Tulisan Female Boss slogan, possibly a heartfelt motif of encouragement to her pals slogging it over here on the tills in Pret A Manger, possibly something that came free with a magazine. We like it though.
Thanks for the new single MaRina and well done on your fourth sort-of hit. Here's to hoping for a UK tour! BUT: If you're MaRina's management and are reading this blog post: DON'T book the tour manager JUST yet. We're still working on buidling her fanbase over here. We've nearly got enough to fill a booth in Shadow Lounge.
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