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Have a Kiki, take part in the Tranny Olympics

Something for the weekend...

Let’s Have A Kiki is the latest video release from one of our favourite Sisters (the Scissor kind) and their fourth album Magic Hour. With the word Kiki being drag slang for gossiping and having a good time this song is set to be the latest routine to hit our dance floors with a sing-a-long video and easy to follow choreography.

And what better place to bust out your moves than at Bethnal Green’s WMC for the annual Tranny Olympics (why yes, we are regulars). It kicks off tomorrow (4 August) and we'll be getting made and worked up to the above song.

The Tranny Olympics was started in 2008 by Polly Sexual and Babes Trust to draw attention to the controversial gender testing in the Olympics. Since it started it has branched out to Berlin, Stockholm and NYC.

The celebration of gender expression is accessible to anyone with an open mind and interest in showcasing their strength, stamina and shade, including competitions such as Throwing Shade, an event that involves two queens alternatively screaming insults at each other until one runs off crying.

There's also Lip Sync For Your Life and a Vegan Eating Competition - we're not entirely sure what a Vegan Eating Competition is, but we're 90% sure that they'll be racing to consume as much non-dairy produce that they can, rather than eating Vegans. And what Tranny Olympic games would be complete without a wet t-shirt competition? Performances come from Polly Sexual, Babes Trust, Svetlana Pall Mall (the host of the event), Horrorchata, Holestar and many more. And it will be in Berlin next month too, if you don’t make it tomorrow:

Get tickets here.

Words: Lola Ukandu

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