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Two things: Lancelot and BONNIE LANGFORD.

The camp-tastic musical re-working of Monty Python's Spamalot has, after crusading around the UK, landed back in London for a spell.

We'll be honest, we haven't seen the film, though we've heard a lot of the jokes second and third hand, bandied around our popular culture. And we weren't expecting one of the knights of the round table to come out – or at least not that one. The running joke of "manly" knights played off against their all-singing, all-dancing routines is very well played.

Yes, you could argue that the gay stereotyping is awful, dear. However you would have to be of such a militant bent that you completely overlook the style of the piece. There's hardly room for character development given the break-neck speed of the production – even the props are two dimensional. As it stands, we loved the tongue in cheek comment at the end about gay marriage and all the fey limp-wristed, YMCA-ing that lead up to it.

If you can loosen up (if you haven't after the first 10 minutes, then you'll be walking out) then you can enjoy Spamalot for all it's slapstick glory. The jokes are in turn cheap, quick, witty and absurd and the songs themselves lampoon the very format they're presented in. Which leads us to the scene stealer of the show...

BONNIE LANGFORD. There's a very informative interview with her in the new issue of GT which hits the shelves next week, keep your eyes peeled. She milks the role for every laugh and clap, and deserves all the woops she gets. Marcus Brigstocke makes a very watchable Arthur, particularly if you like watching tall hairy men march around a lot. Which we do.


Book tickets here, runs until 9 September at Harold Pinter Theatre.

Photo: Manuel Harlan

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