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Condom Moment

Terrence Higgins Trust premieres safe-sex video

Marking its 30th anniversary, Europe’s largest HIV and AIDS charity, the Terrence Higgins Trust, has released a video with a relevantly steamy edge which homes in on that crucial moment before sex when we consider putting on that condom or not.

The video, Condom Moment, ends with the message: ‘For safe, worry free sex, use a condom.’ The opening scenes are fast-paced and passionate, the finishing scenes climactic yet in slow motion; Condom Moment explores the tension between sexual desire and sexual safety in the moments leading up to intercourse.

Film director of the clip, Tom Geens, uses a range of couples and scenarios to make this modern message realistic and accessible to both the gay and straight communities, young and old, and is a landmark in the continued outreach to those who are sexually active to remember the vital importance of practicing safe-sex.

Condom Moment is a refreshing and accessible insight into the recognisably difficult point when deciding to put faith in the condom or the sexual partner.

Words: Connor Purdy

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