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No Doubt's trucking new video

Some delayed thoughts

We want to invite No Doubt to our flat for some Malibu and lime and see where the night takes us. We want to be in their gang. We want to fling ourselves onto a bare mattress with them. We want to tie up our hair in an elastic band and careen around ambiguous hot countries in their graffiti-splashed van of debauchery, nameless Asian boys sliding around on the back seat, neon fairy lights flickering on the dashboard.

And their new single Settle Down is brilliant. It’s got everything. It’s got a Bollywood breakdown. It’s got Gwen Stefani stomping up to you in a warehouse, telling you settle down. It’s got men who look like they’ve just woken up in Shoreditch Overground Station bashing on drums.

Amazingly, it sounds, like, a bit different. No-one says “get on the floor” or “turn up the radio”. There isn’t a dubstep thrum in sight. Who knows, maybe if it blares out of Rihanna’s home soundsystem while she’s syphoning Viva Vita coconut water into a fish tank, she’ll lower her sunglasses and start to re-evaluate life.

Settle Down on the itunes

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