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The new heart warming art show.

When we were told the new Pandamonium exhibit was on display at the Signal Gallery on Paul Street, London, we were very excited at the prospect of a gallery filled with chaotic and diverse concept art. However, we should have realised it was not an oversight in the spelling of the shows title but a pun for an exhibit about well … pandas. Which we think is even better. After all, who doesn’t love pandas, they’re so sweet!

The show is an artistic homage to our furry friends and we don’t mean the ones you find dressed in leather in an underground bar. Pandamonium was inspired by the iconic image of the panda, and all the pieces demonstrate this, whether it is an image of the cuddly bear itself or people sporting masks of the animal.

Artist’s who’s work is featured in the show include; C215, Dale Grimshaw, Jef Aerosol, Elinor Evans, Byroglyphics (Russ Mills), SPQR, TRXTR, David Le Fleming, Gaye Black, Frank Rannou, Joram Roukes and a few newcomers to the Signal gallery; Lora Zombie, Chris Bell and Jane Price. The exhibit is in town 1-16 June, and there is a private preview of the exhibition tonight.

We love a good cause just as much as we love pandas so we were happy to find out that the exhibit is supported by the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) and some of the profits are being donated to the charity, so check the exhibit out here. Just to get you in the mood, and because we love them, here’s a clip of some cute pandas.

And we of course wouldn’t forget to put up a video of that adorable sneezing baby panda.

Words: Jack Mottram
Image:Great Sage 1 - Byroglyphics

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