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Agnès b.

High fashion and art hits the high street.

Last night marked the re-launch of the store by French fashion designer agnès b. in partnership with the Style King at 40-41 Marylebone High Street, now featuring a new menswear floor. The French designer has been awarded a Légion d'Honneur, France’s equivalent an OBE, so what kind of gays would we be if we didn’t support the work of a Dame. So we decided to head down and check it out. And we’re very glad we did as we spent the night surrounded by fantastic cutting edge fashion and some very cute models, making it an event much to our taste. The things we have to do in the name of research ;).

The line was a mix of smart and casual, featuring some pieces that we can’t wait to get in our wardrobe and elements of current trends, plus there is a spot of leather thrown in for good measure, fabulous! With the addition of the new menswear floor agnès b. is bringing men’s high fashion style to the high street.

Agnès b. adds a theatrical element to her fashion that we find irresistible. The store features fashion surrounded by art installations, a concept that we thought was inspiring, pushing fashion into the realm of art. Plus we spotted some less than fully dressed men in one of the installation films, which added a definite bonus to our evening.

Even more exciting, this weekend agnès b. is having a men’s shopping weekend to promote their new menswear floor and at the mention of Style King your purchases will come with a 20% discount and a goody bag. Who can say no to a fashion bargain? We can’t wait; we really do love to shop. There’s also opportunity to win a £500 out fit by checking this out.

But in the mean time you can whet your shopping appetite by having a look at some agnès b. designs right here.

Words: Jack Mottram
Image: Maya Glaser

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