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A Return to Beauty

Hot young photographer Nick Taylor’s new exhibition

When it comes to art, it’s very hard to agree on what is good art and what is bad art. Some people cling to the dusty old masters like Botticelli and Raphael and proclaim them to be the only real artists that deserve the title. Then you have the ultra chic razor sharp Damian Hirst and Kasumi groupies whose idea of art can be a flashy spectacle or put you right off your beef burger.

But in this pretentious battle of artiste’s we have to wonder, whatever happened to beauty? Isnt that meant to be the point of the genre, to make the viewer feel like they are looking at something amazing and thrilling and downright exciting. What happened to art that made you feel like this whole other world out there, filled with complexity and dazzling sights. When did it become a choice between a chopped up cow and a blank canvas that someone sneezed on.

This is one of reasons we got so excited when we heard about The Return to Beauty an exhibition of the work of world traveling photographer Nick Taylor. Taylor who has traveled the globe for most of his life has a real eye for finding images which show off the harsh beauty of the natural world. His photographic skill manages to take images and views which we know and love and enhance them. This makes his upcoming show a rare visual treat that certainly makes us stand up and take notice.

Taylor commented that his work ‘takes inspiration from Nature’s destructive and creative forces’ which gives his dynamic work a rare but essential edge. This hot young photographer puts the focus back on the glamour in the world around us, and reminds us of the sights we thought we had seen before, but bathed in a new and more exciting light.

The exhibition will be hosted at The Strand Gallery in London between 11 and 17 June.

Photo: Mavilletee Beach by Nick Taylor
Words: Scott McMullon

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