Paris Lees

Hit & Miss

Paris Lees on Sky Atlantic's latest cult offering

You’ll probably love Sky Atlantic’s glossy new drama Hit & Miss – after all, it features three portions of penis in the first episode! Todger TV, that. This particular member, though, comes attached to New York’s queen of cool, Chloë Sevigny. The producers popped a prosthetic penis on her lady-area to help her pass as Mia, a transgender woman. I think she pulls it off. The role, that is.
It’s not all about The Todge though. Hit and Miss is the latest in a handful of great TV dramas which rely on strong female roles. And you don’t get much stronger than Mia. This bird is tough, ruthless and has bitching clothes to boot. She also has a warm, mumsy side. What’s not to like?
There’s guy candy too. If you fancy a bit of Jonas Armstrong (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) there’s more than enough male interest to keep you, err, interested.
GT attended the show’s premier last week (and got snapped with Chloë, pictured above) where producer Paul Abbot explained that he wanted to create something with substance. Indeed, all of the main themes could carry a series on their own – murder, family, transition. By mixing these threads together, something new and more satisfying has emerged. It’s bold, it’s brassy and it’s also beautifully shot.
Cult viewing, I predict.

Hit and Miss starts tomorrow, 22 May at 10pm on Sky Atlantic.

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