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Summer booklist

Five reads to keep you entertained when it – finally – gets sunny again

You have remembered your sun cream, your sunglasses, and an ample supply of travel sweets. But you are still missing that last vital ingredient… a book to read while you bask in the sun, or get over the previous nights festivities. But the question is, what to read? Well look no further as GT brings you five possibilities to keep you entertained in those restful moments between your holiday misadventures.

I Heart London – After traipsing her way through some of the most famous cities in America and Europe, Angela Clark has finally taken the plunge and come back to old her native London. Lindesy Kelk’s latest yarn has our girl coming back after her visa expires, and having to face up to all the trouble she left behind. Angela’s return to London was never going to be smooth sailing, and this is sure to lead to a multitude of mishaps that will keep you entertained on the long flight out and back again.

50 Shades of Gray – The book which started and had people from both sides of the Atlantic falling over themselves to read it. This erotic bestseller explores the burgeoning relationship between Anastasia Steele, a recent college graduate, and her employer Christian, as they explore his dark fantasies and sadistic fetishes. They have called this book explicit and extreme, but if you want a little guilty pleasure, then this is the book for you. Get tied up by EL James' amazing novel this summer, but having read it you will never look at a neck tie the same way again.

Queerwolf – The age of vampiremania is coming to an end, and so dawns the age of the werewolf. Rob Rosen’s latest novel follows Blake, the ‘accidental’ werewolf on a comic misadventure to find his place after his world has been changed. Since the Twilight saga brought us the sight of a rippling Taylor Lautner, werewolves have beaten down the vampires in the sexy monster Olympics. So what better way to appreciate these attractive creatures of the night by picking up this book, with its cast of sexy characters that are bound to make you howl at the moon with laughter.

Bokassa’s Last Apostle – Paul Shelton’s debut novel takes its reader to places it never expects to go. From running naked on Hampstead Heath with our protagonist, Everton Jones, we go on to meet a hilarious cast of characters in London’s gay scene to help him find the secret diamond cache of the Emporer Bokassa. But before he can get his hands on the treasure he has to contend with the an army of mimes, a demon, and a violent gang war. With a plot that reads like Alice in Wonderland on poppers, you’ll be laughing at this little diamond all the way back from the airport.

Tailor Made – The saying goes that clothes do not make the man, but that man maketh the clothes. But it is Wyatt Taylor who makes the clothes look so damn hot! After losing his job, Wyatt finds himself in a coveted position of PA to William Bowen, an attractive and powerful business tycoon. Far from finding themselves at opposite ends of the track however, Wyatt and William find themselves drawn together by passion. Say goodbye to the office by indulging in this steamy office romance, which will keep you reading up to the shivering climax.

Words: Scott McMullon

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