Into The Lair…

A charming offer for you all

Online store Serpent’s Lair are doing 'buy two, get one free' on their underwear, offering all customers the deal on their sinfully delicious briefs (and boxers, trunks, jocks, yaddah yaddah yaddah…).

It’s said that ‘temptation is the devil’ and these cacks have definitely given us a naughty thought or two. Choose from coveted brands such as Addicted, Clever Moda and Got Wood, (Ironic? No?). The offer also extends to thongs… (We’re not judging).

Like many gays, we pride ourselves on having good underwear – the less delectable they look, the less likely he is to take them off with his teeth, right? If you agree, take advantage of their Mad May offer, even if you are only going to slither out of them. Tasty briefs can sometimes be expensive so you can imagine our joy when we came across this bargain and stocked up for the summer *abuses Add To Cart button*.

Enter the lair today, but be prepared – you may not want to leave. Their free pair of pants offer is as tempting as the underwear.

Visit the site here

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