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Let's face it, some things are best left out of your profile – for example, bad habits, exes, mental issues (!) you know what we mean.

But perhaps there are some things you should be absolutely clear about from the very start, if not in the profile itself then very early on when exchanging messages with a potential partner. Being vague and open-minded is all well and good, but it may also attract what may be obviously unsuitable partners.

We read somewhere once that this guy was complaining that his boyfriend that he met online, kept “dumping” him on weekends so he could go on dates with other guys and then apologises and comes back once the weekend is over.

Assuming we’re not talking about a man who’s just not that into his fella, but doesn't this sounds like a classic case of someone who’s trying so hard to be monogamous when he obviously doesn’t want to be. Does he not realise this about himself and how this impacts on everyone else? Does he believe he wouldn’t be accepted otherwise? Who knows.

What matters here is that this sort of stuff should definitely factor into your dating profile in some way to avoid situations like this one. This is something that’s pretty much key when trying to figure out whether you’re compatible with someone for a long term relationship.

As important as it is to keep off-putting things out of your profile in order to attract more potentially interesting guys to it, some lifestyle choices are too important to leave out if you want to use online dating efficiently. Yes, stating some things may be off-putting to some men you might meet, but in the long run, it would make things easier for both of you. If devoted monogamy is important to you, would you really want to spend countless dates weeding out men who are looking for an open relationship?

They key here is to work out which parts of your personality and life are a problem and which are a part of you that should be accepted. They may not be hugely popular, they may put off some men, but if they are truly a part of you, then you should celebrate them, rather than hide them for the sake of appearing more likeable.

After all, being hung up about your ex is a temporary predicament you’re more than likely hoping to get rid of sooner rather than later. Being non-monogamous, bisexual or into more than the average amount of personal space by nature, on the other hand, is most likely here to stay.

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