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We Keep The Beat Found The Sound See The Need Start The Heat

Jonathan Boulet

Jonathan Boulet wrote, recorded, produced and played almost every instrument on his debut album, so I expected nothing less than musical genius on We Keep The Beat Found The Sound See The Need Start The Heat, which to start with, is a downright ridiculous name for an album.

He continues the theme with charming song titles, Keep Away You Feral Son Of A Bitch and Hallowed Hag. How lovely.
Dabbling in Australian folk-pop, the first thudding, cymbal crashing jumble of shouting and heavy bass on You’re A Animal is hugely deceptive. After that initial surge, things immediately start to become a bit flimsy. The riffs are mainly gentle, kooks-y, indie strums, set behind his floaty and at times weak, chanting vocals. So by about track 6, you’re willing him to just stop faffing about and give it a bit of welly.

There’s a momentary switch as he offers the sheer barmy-ness of the stomping, shout-along Trounce, followed by the two stand-out tracks, Black Smokehat and the tingling Piao Voca Slung. But most of the time, it’s like listening to the blurred outcome of a wish-washy Radiohead tribute act.

You can see exactly where Boulet was aiming, but it’s like trying to run in 6 inch glittery platforms, when you’ve not yet mastered a pathetic pair of kitten heels. He’s attempting to stir up a stadium worthy sound that’s just that little too big for him, almost like he’s trying to wear a tent. There are subtle hints of guitar tinged, dreamy echoes and hand clapping beats that radiate a summery, festival vibe, but they’re very well hidden under the mask of a million influences.

Perhaps, he’ll grow into his ginormous sound, but for now, he should definitely stick to walking in flats.

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Words: Clémence Flamée.

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