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Who can name Cindy Sherman's one and only film?

*Mid-afternoon pop quiz moment*

The answer, gays, is Office Killer. And a rare, 35mm screening is taking place this Saturday night at Dalston's Rio Cinema. It comes courtesy of a Little Film Club, which screens queer classics on a monthly basis, alternating between the Rio and The Cinema Museum in Kennington. The club itself is an offshoot of Little Joe – a magazine about queers and cinema, mostly. Props to them for unearthing this hidden gem from the neglected depths of the queer canon.

Yep, way back in 1997 one of the world's most iconic and fabulous artists, who we've been crushing on for about three decades, directed a ridiculously camp Bette and Joan-esque bitch-off horror-comedy – her sole movie. Who knew?

We're mortified to admit we haven't actually seen it ourselves yet; shameful given it's about a magazine journalist called Doreen who, demoted due to budget cuts, snaps and starts bumping off her colleagues... Well, it sounds truer to life than Ugly Betty (RIP) anyway. The above still alone evokes all the delicious mystique of any number of Cindy's photographs. The fact the film was critically panned at the time of release makes us want to see it even more. Showgirls etc.

The cinema's bar will be open before the screening for refreshments and ticket holders will receive discounted entry to Dirt Box at Vogue Fabrics after the film. That's your Saturday night sorted, boys. But if you're gonna dress up Cindy/Rocky Horror Picture Show-stylee (whatever that means exactly...guess we'll find out Saturday), we recommend bringing an overcoat to throw on before jumping on the bus from Dalston to Old Street...

Book tickets here.

(We had a quick look for a trailer and couldn't find one. This film's just THAT mysterious).

Saturday 28 April 2012, 11.30pm
Rio Cinema, 103-107 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2PB
£7.50 / free for Film Club members

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