Dylan Jones

Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones’ New Single

Dontcha wish your boyfriend had a boyfriend

“My boyfrieeeend’s got a boyfrieeeend noooow!” wails Kaya Jones, writhing around on a bed, in a leather stud-encrusted-bodice. Well THAT made us sit up from behind our cup of instant coffee. If nothing else, we’re impressed by the fact that the whole, rutting, homoerotic 3 minute 52 second entirety of the video for Boyfriend takes place on one not-quite-kingsize bed.

Kaya was last seen flipping up the hood of her hoody and foraging for greasy men around burnt-out cars and warehouses with the rest of the Dolls in their various sexually charged sonorous exploits. Now, in the style of Nicola Roberts and so many before her, she’s decided to go it alone. We imagine when Nicole Scherzinger had a spare moment recently, maybe while Lewis was in the garage polishing some car parts with a cuppa, she gave Kaya a call; “Love the new music video Kaya. It’s so understated. So quaint.”

We genuinely love it though. It's got gays kissing. She laments the woes of attempting to date gay men. She looks a bit like she’s stumbled out of a pub in Camden. At the end she goes “oh well”, with such happy-go-lucky acceptance we want to bundle her onto the tube with a plastic bottle of vodka and cranberry and take her for a night out in Soho.

Buy Boyfriend here, look it’s even written in Rainbow letters and everything. Oh Kaya.

*update* Doesn't appear to be on Amazon, but is on itunes, where it came out exactly one year and ten days ago... hur-hum.

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