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The latest installment of relationship advice from GT Date.

So some of us find it easy and others find it hard to wax lyrical about ourselves on our online dating profiles, without sounding completely conceited. It's all down to "marketing yourself" really - after all, we generally only want to attract a particular type of guy - and he's called "Mr Right". You may well be tempted to put everything out in the open from the start so that there aren't any surprises, which is fair enough, but in some cases, less can be more!

On GT Date, your profile is sent to potential partners with an indication of how compatible you are, so that's already working in your favour. You can however, still mess up your chances by saying the wrong thing...

Your profile is something you have complete control over, so what you put in the little boxes as answers to the questions (or in your “what my partner should know about me” space) needs to reflect the things you feel are most important – the things that represent the most significant part of your life, but our advice is to keep it short and to the point.

For example, if you use your personal statement area to talk about how you have recently come out of a relationship, then your suitors are going to be thinking one thing – “baggage”.

Talk too much about your work and they may be thinking “does he not have a life outside of work?” and let’s not even talk about the men who use their profiles to vent about their ex boyfriends! (You know who you are!). There’s no need to tell people about your more darker sides, bad habits or insecurities. Save that for when you actually meet.

Keep it fun, upbeat and short enough to not cause "profile blindness". You don’t need to write essays in your profile to try and appeal to every possible man out there. Try to give the main points about who you are and what you do and save the talk for when you’re emailing, talking on the phone or, better yet, are out on your first date. Summer is coming, after all. Do you really want to be spending it at home reading lengthy profiles? We know for certain that we don't.

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