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Mika and Grace Jones announced for Lovebox Sunday

It's getting better and better

So, the Sunday/Gayday of Lovebox's tenth birthday extravaganza was already boasting an unbeatable lineup of Lana Del Rey, Patrick Wolf and Tiga but things just got serious.

They've just announced Mika (always a pleasure) and ONLY THE INIMITABLE GRACE JONES, whose mind-blowing set stole the show two years ago. She even steals the press release that accompanied this announcement: "Commenting on her performance, Grace says: 'Brace yourself.'"

Who else steals a press release with three syllables?!

But let's not overlook Mika: he'll be bounding around Jodie Harsh's This Is Circus stage, hopefully without his shirt on (as nice as the shirt in the above picture is; love the collar). And he, let us tell you, never fails to put on a bloody brilliant live set. "I've spent many amazing, lost nights at Circus," he says, "and I couldn't think of a better way of taking part in Jodie's night than doing this performance.”

It just got even sunnier outside. To celebrate let's all watch Mika jump around in his pants in the We Are Golden video.

Lovebox takes place on the 15/16/17 June in London's Victoria Park.

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