Jamie Tabberer

Katy Perry releases Part of Me video

...and she chops all hair off and looks kiiiiind of like a hot boy in it.

And we actually like her more for that. What is it about female pop-stars put through an androgynous filter (Annie Lennox, Grace Jones etc.) that gets the gays so excited?

Anyway, the vid. We like it. We love the bit at the end with the billowy America flag that she's dancing under. We feel like we should be pissed off that the bit at the beginning reminds us of Marina in the Fear and Loathing promo, but in actual fact we kind of like it for that too. And we like that she hasn't needlessly slaggified the army theme like Rihanna did in Hard.

In fact, on second viewing, we're quite stunned by how tame this video is by Katy's whipped cream/breast milk standards. Looks like the the Adele effect might really be taking hold...

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