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Ensure You're Insured

There are many activities to bedazzle the average gay person, and plenty of things we can think of to spend our well-earned cash on. Do we live in the moment too much? Very possibly. And to many the word insurance, or indeed the notion of having to fork out on it is anathema. It’s something old people worry about but there are enough reasons for all of us to consider taking out some insurance, especially for the things we own, and it’s a decision that doesn’t have to wait until middle age.

“Insurance is a necessary evil.” So says Robert Marshall, managing director of Trident Insurance – a company that’s been looking to grow its rainbow credentials over the last few months with some pretty spectacular results. “I mean, how do you make insurance exciting? In conjunction with our agency Nation One, we’ve been running a competition online and with GT in the run up to Christmas where someone will win a fantastic once in a lifetime trip to Miami. People have been posting photos of their interiors, and users have been voting on their favourite. It’s a great way to get people interacting and if that also means that they start thinking about insurance in general and Trident in particular, then that’s great.”

There are, of course, innumerable companies out there that offer a myriad of insurance policies so what makes Trident special? “In a nutshell, we’ve been there and we’ve done it. As people approach their late twenties and early thirties, priorities change. Some may have their own business so they seriously need to start thinking about safeguarding that, their property, or belongings. Trident is a commercial venture like anything else but some insurance companies are very conservative, especially when dealing with gay people directly, and maybe it’s a leap of faith but we intend to reciprocate the commitment people put in us.”

Robert is quite clear on what he wants Trident to become. “It’s quite simple. As a gay man I intend Trident to be the biggest and best gay insurance broker that there is. We don’t have a call centre mentality and as insurance is an annual event once you’re done, you’re done. We have twelve people working for us and they really do care especially as insurance can be very confusing. So many think that buying insurance is like buying a can of beans, but it’s not the case. You can’t go in with the mentality that it’s going to cost 50p, as it’s not worth people selling it. Take for example travel insurance. A lot of people don’t know what they’re buying and never read the small print, so can often get stung.”

He goes on to say that an insurance underwriter isn’t that different to being a bookmaker. “At the end of the day what it boils down to is ‘Do I, the broker, trust you, the customer, to give me the full information to justify me taking on £100,000 worth of risk for £200?’ That’s incredibly good odds for the customer if you think about it, but the condition with insurance is that you actually comply with what you’ve paid for and that’s where people fall flat. A lot of people think they’re covered but in reality don’t actually know what they’re covered for.”

It’s a lot to take in but as I’m reminded, when people buy insurance or attempt to cut corners in order to save a few quid, it’s because they think that it’s never going to happen to them. But sometimes it does and as the difference between third-party cover and fully comprehensive is not a huge amount of money, and as Robert explains, a fully comprehensive cover is always the best.

So how does Trident help people make their way safely through the minefield of insurance? “Because we tell it how it is. We don’t want to run with airs and graces as we actually care about the customers we’re looking after. We’re not the underwriter, we’re the broker so we’re totally independent and that makes a lot of difference because we can go anywhere to get the best cover and it’s not always from household names that you see advertised on the TV. If the rates are right we go there.”

Well-established, and with a small yet dedicated team on board Robert’s mission to be the best insurance company serving the LGBT community is a genuine one. He knows what he’s talking about and is keen to help us understand how to get the best policy and it’s always best to work with a company that understands our specific requirements.
So if you keep putting off the inevitable don’t. Give Trident a call on 0800 038 9000 or visit their website now as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Words: Keith McDonnell

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